[RP] Mutated Rats Yalahar [50+]

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Start profile @ Yalahar DP.

Hunts in the Mutated Rats spawn in Alchemist Quarter.

Make sure you have all the spells required:
Exura san
Exori san
Exevo mas san
Exori con


  • 100% AFK
  • Option to choose shortcut mechanism (mission #3 in services of yalahar)
  • Optioninal paths to single/double bat and triple rat
  • Soft boots refiller
  • Easy Setup

Exp/hour 80k - 120k
Loot/hour 5k - 10k
Requirements Acces to Yalahar.
Optional Use of the Shortcut with Gate Mechanism (requires quest #3 completed)

If you use soft boots refiller, you need "searoutes around yalahar" completed