[Mage] Calassa Hardcore Bomber [180+]

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Now with video aswell!

One of Bollos favourite scripts! =)

This is one of the most underrated hunting grounds of tibia, rarely anyone there, which makes you able to hunt 100% AFK, since most ppl dont bother to do the prequest. The profit is very nice, so whilst leveling with good exp and undisturbed, you'll fill up the numbers on your bank aswell.

Quaras hit hard on mages so use full defense set unless you know if you can hunt there with spellbook etc. (~190+ for ML set should be safe)

Start profile @ Edron DP.


  • 100% AFK
  • Soft Boots Option with Refiller
  • Multiple supply checkers for your safety
  • Advanced Special Areas
  • Easy Setup
  • Advanced Rune Shooter
  • Optional HARDCORE Mode
  • Mushroom Buyer

Exp/hour 350k - 450k
Loot/hour 5k - 40k
Requirements Access to Calassa( Quest "Undersea Kingdom", Explorer Society)
Remember to wear a Helmet of the Deep.

Sorcerer spells:
Rage of the Skies
Ultimate Energy Strike
Strong Energy Strike
Energy Wave

Druid spells:
Wrath of Nature
Ultimate Terra Strike
Strong Terra Strike
Terra Wave