[Mage] Zao DL & Frosts + SD's [120+]

Script image


Sweet powerleveling script for mages that hunts the DL/Frost dragons mountains in Zao.

Start profile at Farmine Depot.

Get some hybrid frost/fire resistance and a death damage wand/rod, or just pure ML gear :)


  • 100% AFK
  • Soft Boots Option with Refiller
  • Special Areas
  • Multiple supply checkers for your safety
  • Safe path to and from cave (never gets stuck)
  • Easy Setup

Exp/hour 250k - 330k
Loot/hour -30k - 30k
Requirements Acces to Farmine shops. (Mortal Combat does not have to be done)

Druids need:
Eternal Winter

Sorcerers need:
Rage of the Skies