[Mage] Souleaters Bomber [180+]

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*** Now with video ***

One of the best powerleveling spots for mages. On top of that also very good loot due to Souleaters insane drops of platinum coins.

Start profile @ Farmine DP.

I recommend using full defense set at low level, and at higher levels you can start going full ML gear,for maximizing exp & profit.


  • 100% AFK
  • Soft Boots Option with Refiller
  • Advanced Special Areas
  • Multiple supply checkers for your safety
  • Easy Setup

Exp/hour 450k - 650k
Loot/hour 10k - 30k
Requirements *** Now with video ***

The New Frontier: Mission 8 completed (Dont need mortal combat)
Wrath of the Emperor: Mission 3 Completed

Druid spells:
Wrath of Nature
Ultimate Terra Strike

Sorcerer spells:
Hells core
Ultimate Flame Strike