[Mage] Deep Banuta -1 with SD [200+]

Script image


Start profile @ Port Hope DP.

Insane powerleveling script while also gaining alot of points for the Paw & Fur society!

The full cave option is slightly harder but also gives more xp and loot. At 200-220 you can run the full cave with full gill set + MMS.

This floor is also called "Deep Banuta Surface".

Make sure that you have the three tasks: (Hydra, Medusa and Serpent Spawn)
After that the script will fix the rest with the tasks.


  • 100% AFK
  • Option between two routes, one shorter and one for the full cave.
  • Optional Shortcut to Banuta with boat (requires Ranger rank in Paw & Fur Society)
  • Soft Boots Option with Refiller
  • Advanced Special Areas
  • Multiple supply checkers for your safety
  • Easy Setup

Exp/hour 400k - 600k
Loot/hour 0k - 20k
Requirements The Ape City Quest - Completed
Deeper Banuta Shortcut (Use Egg of the many on statue)

Recommended full gill set + MMS.