[RP] Necromancer & Hero Yalahar [100+]

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*** New now with video! ***

Start profile @ Yalahar DP.

Perfect to finish off your 4000 necromancer task and make some really good bank.


  • 100% AFK
  • Optional route to hunt Heros.
  • Advanced Special Areas (will not get lured into hellspawns)
  • Easy Setup
  • Softboots Refiller

Exp/hour 140k - 200k
Loot/hour 10k - 20k
Requirements *** New now with video! ***

No requirements.

Just make sure you have started the 4000 Necromancer Task before you start hunting here, will give you an easy extra 500K.

If you use Softboots, you need to have access to the Boat to be able to refill the softs.