[RP] Darashia Dragons V2.0 [55+]

Script image


Start profile outside Darashia DP.

Hunts with CROSSBOW + POWER BOLTS. Remember, BOLTS, not arrows =)

Re-vamped alot of the script. IT sucked balls tbh, was one of my first. Remade alot in the .lua file, added BP-opener in case of reconnect function. Added alot of special areas. Reworked spells and alot else.

Has the option to choose with drillbolts if u want to, at lvl 70+. Remember this script uses BOLTS and not ARROWS as on all the other of my pally scripts!


  • 100% AFK
  • Special Areas
  • etc etc

Exp/hour 80k - 130k
Loot/hour -5k - 15k
Requirements ***** Crossbow *****

Utani Hur
Exevo Mas San
Exura San
Exori Con