[EK] Sea Serpents South + Tasker [150+]

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Start profile @ Svargrond Depot.

Updated 2016-06-07 with optional hardcore mode for increased exp for higher lvls.

Hands down one of the best scripts for mid/high leveled knights, both exp- and profitwise.

Now also does the Sea Serpent Tasker at the Paw & Fur Society. Make sure you have the first task taken, then the script will handle the rest! Enjoy.


  • 100% AFK
  • Soft Boots Refiller
  • Safety-Checkers
  • Easy Setup
  • Tasker
  • Optional hardcore

Exp/hour 400k - 550k
Loot/hour 0k - 50k
Requirements Helmet of the Deep / Depth Galea.

Recommended EQ: Speed Set.

Access to Sea Serpents (takes 1h):