[EK] Seacrest Ground North Oramond (Soon) [350+]

Script image


Start script @ Oramond surface.

Good EQ required.

Hunts the northern most filled spawn of the Seacrest areas.

Really sweet knight spawn, not many player around there so good to avoid bot reports aswell.

Also updated for the Renegade Quaras World Change, bit less EXP but alot more profit.

Use sword/axe/club rings for extra profit&xp.


  • 100% AFK
  • Soft boots refiller
  • Ring equipers
  • Withdraw Rings From DP

Exp/hour 550k - 700k
Loot/hour 30k - 50k
Requirements Good EQ required.

Access to Seacrest Ground North (takes 1h to fix quest)