[MS] Hydra Bomber Oramond [210+]

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***Now with video***

Start @ Edron DP.

Hydras weak VS energy = this is the perfect spawn for MS. Uses UE,beams, waves, exori vis' and thunderstorm runes.

Really never anyone there, so perfect for AFK botting a full day without caring for bot-reports.


  • 100% AFK
  • Option to choose to hunt -1, -2 or both flors
  • Paw & Fur Tasker
  • Softboots refiller
  • Auto-detecter of rank (shortcut)

Exp/hour 450k - 550k
Loot/hour 10k - 40k
Requirements None.

Recomended EQ: Full Gill Set + Softs

***Now with video***