[Mage] Oramond West Surface [250+]

Script image


*** Now with video! ***

One of the best powerleveling script for high level mages.

Will also do several tasks for Rathleton voting points while hunting, few days and you will be Rank: Citizen (300 points).

Comes with 3 optional paths, you can customize in which of the areas you want to be hunting.


  • 100% AFK
  • Cuztomizable paths
  • Questing for Rathleton points while hutning
  • Carefully placed Special Areas so you dont pull full spawn
  • Insane exp
  • Soft boots refiller
  • etc

Exp/hour 800k - 900k
Loot/hour 20k - 40k
Requirements *** Now with video! ***

No requirements.

EQ: Full defensive set. Prismatic rings highly recommended.