[Mage] Crystal Spider Glacier [70+]

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Start @ Svargrond DP.

*** Profit/Spider Silk Info ***
Depending on prices of Spider Silks, the profit varies from server to server.
Loot/h calculated on prices on silks from 2k-10k.

What makes this hunting area quite unique is that mages can actually profit with that exp, which is quite rare at this low level. Also, while doing 3x tasks from Paw & Fur (Crystal Spiders, Ice Golems & Wyverns).

Can easily be started at level 70, but remember at 80+ you can grab the Strong Vis/Terra Strike spell!


  • 100% AFK
  • Softboots refiller
  • Fail-safe checkers

Exp/hour 120k - 150k
Loot/hour 10k - 40k
Requirements ***Recommended*** Full Glacier Set

Sorcerer spells:
Rage of the skies
Energy Wave
Lightning (exori amp vis)
Strong Energy Strike (replaces Lightning at 80+)

Druid spells:
Wrath of Nature
Terra Wave
Strong Terra Strike (at lvl 80+)