[Mage] Drefia High Class Vamps Bomber [120+]

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Start profile outside Darashia DP.

Really good cave, rarely anyone there since its a new one that not many know of, and its quite hidden.

The loot is really sick, remember to bring your blessed wooden stake, you will get a TON of vamp dust that will make you rich! =)

At lower levels, I highly recommend EQ with high defense since you have alot of creatures on you, at 130-140 you can go full ML-set.

Remember stake, vamp dusts make the big profits =)


  • 100% AFK
  • Lots of advanced special areas
  • Easy Setup
  • Softboots refiller
  • Bot-friendly cave

Exp/hour 200k - 250k
Loot/hour -5k - 15k
Requirements Druid spells:
Eternal Winter
Ultimate Ice Strike
Strong Ice Strike
Strong Terra Strike

Sorcerer spells:
Hells Core
Ultimate Flame Strike
Strong Flame Strike
Strong Energy Strike