[RP] Lost Dwarfs [180+]

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Updated 2016-04-19
*Updated to use the new Ultimate Spirit Potion, level capcity to enter here is now lower due to his. (Can start at 150+)

Hunts the Lost Dwarf cave in deep Kazordoon. Really sweet for highlvl pallys, great loot and really off cave so it makes a perfect botplace :)


  • 100% AFK
  • A ton of Special Areas!
  • Soft boots refiller
  • Ring equiper
  • Hidden Cave, good to avoid bot reports!

Exp/hour 250k - 350k
Loot/hour 25k - 30k
Requirements None.

Dwarven Rings in #3 backpack in depot (just need 1, auto withdrawer after that since Dwarven Rings are dropped in loads in the cave)