[Mage] Drillworms & Giant Spider Cave + GFB [120+]

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*Updated* Now this contains both ED & MS version!

Start profile outside ANKRAHMUN depot.

Hunts the northern cave in the Kazordoon Drillworm area. The cave contains giant spiders & drillworms.

A perfect combo for a sorcerer since both are weak vs fire.

A sweet cave that is not known by many meaning its a good place to avoid bot reports and least but not last, to hunt all by yourself! =)


  • 100% AFK
  • Easy Setup
  • Safe-Checkers
  • Advanced Special Areas

Exp/hour 200k - 240k
Loot/hour 5k - 15k
Requirements Sorcerer:
Hells Core
Ultimate Flame Strike
Strong Flame Strike

Eternal Winter
Ultimate Ice Strike
Strong Ice Strike