[Mage] Serpent Spawn & Medusa Goroma [180+]

Script image


Start profile @ Liberty Bay DP.

*** Updated ***
Lowered level requirement to start script. Can be started as early as level 160, but then use with caution! Perfectly safe for level 180 with Gill Set.

Hunts the sweet Serpent Spawn & Medusa cave in the Forbidden Islands.
What to say about this place, its just insanely good. The video will just speak for itself! =)

Make sure to be on the Paw & Fur tasks for Medusa & Serpent Spawns before starting. After that the bot will take care of the rest.


  • 100% AFK
  • Lots of Customized Special Areas
  • Soft Boots Refiller
  • Tasker
  • Customizeable with 5 different paths
  • Optional Hardcore Paths
  • Automated Paw & Fur Tasker

Exp/hour 400k - 600k
Loot/hour 5k - 30k
Requirements Pick.

Access To Goroma :

Recommended set: Gill set + MMS.