[Mage] Drefia Wyrm + Spells & Ava [120+]

Script image


Start script outside Darashia DP.

Hunts the Drefia Wyrm spawn with Avalanches and Spells. Can be easily configured as you like it.

Excellent choice of spawn for druids, since druids have Eternal Winter & Ultimate/Strong Ice strike, since Wyrms are weak vs Ice Damage.

Still a good choice for sorcerers, since most of the damage is done with avalanches.

Lightning set or ML set recommended + MMS.


  • 100% AFK
  • Easy Setup
  • Optional Grim Reaper path
  • Safe-Checkers
  • Advanced Special Areas

Exp/hour 250k - 320k
Loot/hour -10k - 10k
Requirements Druid spells:
Eternal Winter
Ultimate Ice Strike
Strong Ice Strike

Sorcerer spells:
Hells core
Ultimate Flame Strike
Strong Flame Strike