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Shutting Down For Good

Im finally shutting down for good. Life continues and I will always have with me this experience, been amazing, thank you all for the support during the years!

Anyone who wants something Im still avaliable at, also doing a last offer of 20€ for *all* scripts thats on Oronjo.

The website will be up until 2019 when my domain runs out.

Cheers! /Bollo

Oronjo Free Scripts + Twitch

Hey everyone,

it seems people still use my scripts, so I decided to refresh the site for another year! Also, I paid Oronjo so free scripts can be download again for free.

I've started streaming on twitch, if you liked bolloscripts during the years, please come in and make a follow on my channel and say hello! =)


A new time has come

The migration towards WindBot has been halted. It has been a long, interesting and fun journey with XenoBot. But the time has come for me to go towards new challenges. I do not have time to start up all over again at WindBot, Im graduating in 2 months and going to start working at a real job instead and I simply do not have the time to create everything all over again.

As long as XB is still working, you can always use my scripts! But I will not make any new ones at WB. I can still answer PMs and help you guys if you need anything, just as before.

Thanks for all your support and kind words during the years!


BolloScripts + WindBot = True!

Hello everyone!

The time has come for BolloScripts expansion towards WindBot.
What this means, is that in 1 month from now, the XenoBot shop will be closed, for good.
This is due to the rules of having a Paid Scripts thread on WindBot.

In other words, if you want to continue to use my XenoBot scripts (maybe you play OT-server), you'll have to buy them within this timeframe. After that, I will only have scripts for sale on WindBot.

More info will come soon, but you can find my free scripts on WindBot already, and the paid scripts will come up any moment now!

Website back up!

A change of database caused the website to be down temporarily but has now been restored and is fully working again!

The future of Bolloscripts

It seems like the final update where 10.98 would no longer be playable and 11.0 will be implemented for good has taken far longer than me and many others thought. How much longer, well you never know with CIP! Lets hope it takes as long as it is possible! ;)

As for the future of Bolloscripts - everything will continue as normal until the day that 11.0 is released. After that, it will still be running as some people play OT's where xenobot and my scripts will still work! I will continue to support and answer questions, but no new scripts will be made.

After 11.0 I will merge to the biggest bot that will take over and continue my scripting over there. Loyal customers from XenoBot will get discounts & advantages there as a thanks for your support during the time here! More info will come with time!

After all I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has supported over the years. I think its adding up to almost 3 years since I made my first script and its been a long interesting journey! :)

Hidden Glooth Factory release!

A new script hunting the Oramond depths called [MS - High] Hidden Glooth Factory is now released for sale!

Been working on this script for a long time and can proudly say that Im now satisfied with the results. Insanely good for high leveled sorcerers.

Comes along with video aswell, enjoy!

New Website Soon!

Soon there will be a completly new look to!

The new website will be alot more user friendly, better design, basically everything is way better with the new website! Very satisfied with the results and expect it to be up and running within a week or two.

Hardcore Demon Grims released!

Im proud to present a new script release. It features the Demon & Grim Reapers respawn in Oramond sewers.

Deeply hidden, perfect spot for safe botting away from all the bot-reports. Perfect to get the 6666 Demon Task done while not having to give a rats ass whether the spawn is taken or not - this one is ALWAYS free.

I can definately say that [Bollo][RP - High] Hardcore Demon Grims Oramond is one of the best RP scripts I've made.

Video is up and running, take a look at the scripts page or copy the youtube link:

Updated Scripts 22 May

General Information Update

Here comes some information during what scripts have been updated as of late;

[Bollo][EK - High] Okolnir Hardcore
-Improved lua
-Improved targeting
-Lowered level requirement from 180 to 160

[Bollo][EK - High] Sea Serpent
-Added option to hunt both floors.

[Bollo][EK - High] Elder Wyrm Drefia
-Added HUD
-Improved targeting
-Added use of new Ultimate Health Potions

[Bollo][RP - High] Demon Edron
-Added use of new Ultimate Spirit Pots
-Improved targeting
-Improved lua
-Lowered level requirement from 200 to 180
-Fixed so it no longer can miss Demons while going stairs

[Bollo][RP - High] Demon Yala
-Added use of new Ultimate Spirit Pots
-Improved targeting
-Improved lua

[Bollo][RP - Mid] Forbidden Lands
-Improved tasker
-Improved targeting
-Improved waypoints

[Bollo][Mage - High] Medusa SS Goroma
-Improved lua
-Added option to hunt -1 areas of both west and east side.
-Lowered level requirement 200 to 180. Can even be started at 160 with caution.
-Added use of new MP-pots

[Bollo][ED - Mid] Hidden Lizards
-Added use of new Ultimate Mana Potion