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Hidden Glooth Factory release!

A new script hunting the Oramond depths called [MS - High] Hidden Glooth Factory is now released for sale!

Been working on this script for a long time and can proudly say that Im now satisfied with the results. Insanely good for high leveled sorcerers.

Comes along with video aswell, enjoy!

New Website Soon!

Soon there will be a completly new look to!

The new website will be alot more user friendly, better design, basically everything is way better with the new website! Very satisfied with the results and expect it to be up and running within a week or two.

Hardcore Demon Grims released!

Im proud to present a new script release. It features the Demon & Grim Reapers respawn in Oramond sewers.

Deeply hidden, perfect spot for safe botting away from all the bot-reports. Perfect to get the 6666 Demon Task done while not having to give a rats ass whether the spawn is taken or not - this one is ALWAYS free.

I can definately say that [Bollo][RP - High] Hardcore Demon Grims Oramond is one of the best RP scripts I've made.

Video is up and running, take a look at the scripts page or copy the youtube link:

Updated Scripts 22 May

General Information Update

Here comes some information during what scripts have been updated as of late;

[Bollo][EK - High] Okolnir Hardcore
-Improved lua
-Improved targeting
-Lowered level requirement from 180 to 160

[Bollo][EK - High] Sea Serpent
-Added option to hunt both floors.

[Bollo][EK - High] Elder Wyrm Drefia
-Added HUD
-Improved targeting
-Added use of new Ultimate Health Potions

[Bollo][RP - High] Demon Edron
-Added use of new Ultimate Spirit Pots
-Improved targeting
-Improved lua
-Lowered level requirement from 200 to 180
-Fixed so it no longer can miss Demons while going stairs

[Bollo][RP - High] Demon Yala
-Added use of new Ultimate Spirit Pots
-Improved targeting
-Improved lua

[Bollo][RP - Mid] Forbidden Lands
-Improved tasker
-Improved targeting
-Improved waypoints

[Bollo][Mage - High] Medusa SS Goroma
-Improved lua
-Added option to hunt -1 areas of both west and east side.
-Lowered level requirement 200 to 180. Can even be started at 160 with caution.
-Added use of new MP-pots

[Bollo][ED - Mid] Hidden Lizards
-Added use of new Ultimate Mana Potion

Help me help you!

Help me understand what you users want!

I've created a Google Form sheet regarding what you users think about what I should focus on with Bolloscripts.
If you could take your time to fill it out, it would be much apreciated!



RP - Ghastly Dragons released!

An insane moneymaking script for paladins has been released!

Will do tasks at Paw & Fur at the same time as making insane bank. Up to 200k profit per hour!


EK - Asura Palace released!

The new script for [EK 400+] Asura Palace has been released!

Most hardcore script for highleveled EK's, never been anything near that exp or loot on any EK script ever.

Take care though, you do need levels, EQ and skills to be able to handle that.

But if you do have whats required, its insane! =)

Video can be found here:

Announcement 2016-02-13

The full post can be found at my thread here:

I have introduced a new "system" to categorize the scripts easier.
Since most of us "old" xenousers know, the xenobot UI has improved alot from before - but even now if you have alot of [Bollo]-Scripts, it can get abit messy in the list.

So from now on, all scripts are named [Bollo][Vocation - High/Mid/Low] Scriptname, in order to make it easier to find it quicker and so on.
Most of you have probably noticed it on alot of new scripts, but some are still named by the "old" system, they will also get their named changed within time though.

Here is a picture showing what I mean;

I've also updated a bunch of scripts,
mostly the old low-leveled ones that hadent been updated for a while - to fit the new standard with depositer and so on that is on all the new scripts that I make.

And as always - thank you everyone for your support and for all kind words, means alot to me! =)

Here is also a badass video on the Northern part of Seacrest Serpent spawn @ Oramond:

New Botting Project!

A new botting project has been created, "Bollo is back in town!"

It can be found here;

Basically its a one character of each vocation, working its way up towards the higher level from 0.

Check it out! Will only be using my own scripts for the whole project.

Keep an eye out for new scripts coming soon!

Old Fortress Bomber + Video

Old Fortress Bomber was just released, including a video showing the script!

An insane powerleveling script for high-leveled mages, and it requires no quest or anything for access, perfect for the lazy botter.